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Black Panthers of Kenya

We present a tour from our expert:Секс туризм Кения

Kenya’s black Panthers or all for real men


8-15 hours, the start time of the tour is discussed.

What you will see:

The famous Pirates Beach and the bar of the same name.

Be sure to visit one of the bright places of the Big Tree.

Will eat in the Paradise cafe overlooking walking on the street on her daily walk girls who are too embarrassed to go in Casurina.

We will tell you all the subtleties of acquaintance with the “black Panthers”, so that you avoid unpleasant consequences.

And, of course, little break and at 11 PM we go to the famous CASURINA.

The tour price includes:


Russian guide services

Entrance fees according to the program

Meeting at the hotel and seeing off

Number of persons





Price per person





Additionally, possible:

Heller Park

Fort Jesus

Mangrove Forest

Karst Caves.


Some Video

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