Сафари. Туры в Кению, Танзанию, Уганду, Африку, Мадагаскар. Русский гид в Кении, Африке

Africa is another planet


Africa is one of the most amazing places on the globe.

Some scientists believe that this was the first life on Earth.

Africa is both the poorest and richest continent in the world.

Some facts about the obvious.

1. Africa (Kenya) – the cradle of civilization. This is the first continent on which human culture and community appeared.
2. The area of ​​Africa is 29 million square kilometers. But four fifths of the territory is occupied by deserts and tropical forests.
3. At the beginning of the 20th century, almost the entire territory of Africa was colonized by France, Germany, England, Spain, Portugal and Belgium. Only Ethiopia, Egypt, South Africa and Liberia were independent.

4. Mass decolonization of Africa occurred only after the Second World War.
5. For example, hippos, giraffes, okapi and others. You can see them on Safari
6. Earlier, hippos lived throughout Africa, today they are found only in the Sahara Desert.
7. Africa is the second largest continent on the planet. Here there are 54 states.

8. Africa crosses the equator and the prime meridian. Therefore, it can be called the most symmetrical of all.
9. Planet Tatooine from the movie “Star Wars” is a completely unreal name. Such a city exists in the explicit. This is where the shooting of the legendary film took place.
10. In Tanzania, there is a uniquely red lake, the depth of which varies with the seasons.
11. On the territory of the island of Madagascar is located a unique natural monument – the stone forest. High thin rocks resemble a dense forest.

12. As a result, mined half of all gold, which is sold in the world.
13. In the formation of the richest deposits of gold and diamonds.
14. It is believed that the tribes are also the smallest in the world.
15. Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro, is a volcano. Just do not erupt.

16. On the island of Madagascar live animals that are not found anywhere else.
17. In Togo, there is an ancient custom: a man who made a compliment to a girl should certainly marry her.
18. Somalia is a name of both a country and a language at the same time.
19. Sports brand Reebok. The trunk of the Baobab, can reach 25 meters within.
20. Inside the trunk of a baobab is hollow, so some Africans arrange inside the tree of a house. Entrepreneurial residents open restaurants inside the tree. In Zimbabwe, in the trunk opened the station, and in Botswana – a prison.

Welcome to Africa with us.

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