Сафари. Туры в Кению, Танзанию, Уганду, Африку, Мадагаскар. Русский гид в Кении, Африке

About US

So who we are, what we do and what we can.

Our company Lintin Smart Giraffe began its work in the tourism market of Southeast Asia many years ago. Of course, then there was no name Smart Giraffe (this name was given to us by Africa).

We successfully cooperate with Russian tour operators and operators of CIS countries.

Having developed the direction of Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, we did not stop there, and moved on – to Africa. Although we must admit that from Asian destinations we left only Cambodia (as the main home)

And we have not lost, as our guests have not lost.

For 4 years we have been successfully working in the African market of tourist services, providing our customers with a full range of excursions and entertainment on a variety of topics.

Our task is to make your stay truly unforgettable and full of only positive impressions.

Our staff is highly professional guides and employees who not only talk about the countries, but also live in them, and therefore can provide you with information from the inside.

We are in faces:



She is our operations Director in Kenya. She solves a lot of issues and problems. We are proud.

наши гиды


Oh, Yes. He is Kenyan and his name is Grisha. He speaks Russian very well. And he also the best guide in Africa.



She is our representative and coordinator in Cambodia. She really likes dachshunds.



He is the founder and inspirer of the company, many years traveling around the world. He is always available and always in touch

We offer:

  • Tours
  • Safari
  • Transfers
  • Hotel booking (our prices are lower than booking systems)

and much more another activity

You only need to submit a request and we will do everything possible to make your holiday full of bright colors,восторженных отзывов и превосходных эмоций!

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